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Category: Behold the Pretty

Pretty Pictures

I have art! First, the cover art for Lady of Misrule, painted by the incomparable Lindsey Look. Should be available for purchase in a couple of months (though Kickstarter backers will see an e-book sooner.)



Next, The Deep Woods, coming from PS Publishing early next year — artwork by the great Galen Dara.

the deep woods_tim pratt_FULL COVER sm (1)


Finally, the artwork for Liar’s Island, out from Paizo next summer. Painted by Michael Ivan.

Liar's Island Wrap lo-rez


I am a lucky writer.

Grim Tides Cover Art

The week in Los Angeles was a rousing success. I wrote 42,000 words in six days. I’m not sure if that’s a personal record or not, but it’s definitely up there. (I didn’t write on Saturday during the train ride home, confining myself to reading and watching cartoons and staring at the passing scenery. I needed a break.) Jenn Reese and Chris East are the best hosts ever.

But enough about the next novel! Let’s talk about the last novel!

I just got the artwork for my Marla Mason novel Grim Tides, painted by Lindsey Look. This image will appear on the cover of the print version, and the audio versions from Audible (I think), and the e-book version, once I get some text on it. It’ll likely be on the bookmarks too.

Grim Tides cover

A Moon-Colored Bridge

One of the central images in my new novel Briarpatch is a bridge silver as the moon, glimpsed at various times by various characters. So imagine my delight when I took the dustjacket off the limited edition hardcover and saw this:

Briarpatch hardcover

A silver bridge embossed on the boards!

The endpapers, designed by Samantha Beiko, are gorgeous too:


The limited edition was only offered for pre-orders, so unless you already ordered one, you’re probably out of luck. Behold what you’re missing! This is the first novel I’ve ever had in hardcover, and it’s so pretty. I’m a happy writer.

New Dos Santos Art

Artist (and current Hugo Award nominee) Daniel Dos Santos has given me the go-ahead to post the new artwork he did for the upcoming audiobook editions of Bone Shop and Broken Mirrors. (The audiobooks aren’t available for download yet, but rest assured, I will link them vastly once they are.)

Bone Shop:

Bone Shop cover

Broken Mirrors:

Broken Mirrors

That Bone Shop image in particular will haunt my nightmares. In a good way. My thanks to Steve Feldberg of Audible for commissioning this cover art, and to Dan for painting them!

ETA: Dan just wrote to let me know his assistant Lindsey Look helped paint these (they had a short deadline, so collaboration was the only way to get them done). Lindsey is an awesome artist too — check out her work!