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Free Stories for Reading and Listening

“Celestial Shores” with Sarah Day in Pseudopod, August 2022.

“Distributed Denial of Sexytimes” in Drabblecast, July 2022.

“Midnight Clear, or, How Santa Claus Killed the Sun” in Drabblecast, January 2021.

“The Cursed Noel” in Escape Pod, December 2020.

A Princess of Nigh-Space” in Escape Pod: The Science Fiction Anthology, November 2020.

“Comfort and Joy” at Drabblecast, January 2020.

“Elsie At 30,000 Feet” audio reprint at Journey Into…, March 2020.

“River’s Giving” (with Heather Shaw & River Shaw) at Podcastle, December 2019.

“A Champion of Nigh-Space” in Uncanny, July-August 2019.

“Dirty Santa” in Drabblecast, December 2018.

“Hosting the Solstice” in Podcastle, December 2018.

“Anna and Marisol in Time and Space” in Escape Pod April 2018.

“Three Petitions to the Queen of Hell” in Apex, March 2018.

“The Christmas Abomination from Beyond the Back of the Stars” (with Heather Shaw) in Podcastle, December 2017.

“Fool’s Fire” in Nightmare, November 2016.

“Not a Miracle but a Marvel” in Uncanny, September-October 2016.

“The Wilderness Within” in Lightspeed, September 2016.

“North Over Empty Space” in Lightspeed, May 2016.

“Elf Employment” (with Heather Shaw) in Podcastle, December 2014.

“Care and Feeding” in Daily Science Fiction, August 2014.

“Ghostreaper, or, Life After Revenge” in Nightmare, January 2014.

“Happy Old Year” in Drabblecast, December 2013.

“Seasonal Disorder”(with Heather Shaw) in Podcastle, December 2013.

“Bastard, Sword” in Pathfinder Tales, March 2013.

“The Fairy Library” in Antiquities and Tangibles, January 2013.

Postapocalypsemas” with Heather Shaw in Drabblecast, December 2012.

“Catching the Spirit” with Heather Shaw in Podcastle, December 2012.

“A Tomb of Winter’s Plunder” in Pathfinder Tales, June 2012.

“The Ghost of Christmas Possible” with Heather Shaw in Podcastle, December 2011. [Audio original]

“A Fairy Tale of Oakland” in Drabblecast, December 2011. [Audio original]

“The Secret Beach” in Fantasy Magazine, October 2011.

“A Void Wrapped in a Smile” in Basement Stories, October 2011.

“Antiquities and Tangibles”
in Subterranean, Fall 2011.

“We Go Back” in Escape Pod, July 2011.

“The Alphabet Quartet” (suite of 26 flash stories in collaboration with Jenn Reese, Heather Shaw, and Greg van Eekhout) in Daily Science Fiction, published one per week from January – June 2011.

“Shark’s Teeth in Daily Science Fiction, March 2011.

“Fiddle” in Daily Science Fiction, October 2010.

“Scientific Romance” (poem), February 2010.

Audio reprint at Escape Pod, February 2010.

“Caltrops” in Flash Fiction Online, January 2010.

“Uchronia” in Podcastle, December 2009. [Audio original]

“Incubus” in Podcastle, October 2009. [Audio original]

“Silver Linings” in, September 2009.

“Troublesolving” in Subterranean, Fall 2009.

“Another End of the Empire” in Strange Horizons, June 2009.

Over There” in Intergalactic Medicine Show, May 2009.

“Her Voice in a Bottle” in Subterranean, Winter 2009.

“A Programmatic Approach to Perfect Happiness” in Futurismic, April 2009.

“Origin Story” in Escape Pod, March 2009.

“The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft” (with Nick Mamatas) at ChiZine, April 2008.

“The Frozen One” in Lone Star Stories, February 2008.

“The River Boy” in Clarkesworld Magazine, January 2008.

“Artifice & Intelligence” in Strange Horizons, August 2007.

“Restless in my Hand” in Realms of Fantasy, August 2007.

“Komodo” in Hart & Boot & Other Stories, January 2007.

Cup and Table” in Twenty Epics, July 2006.

“Impossible Dreams” in Asimov’s, July 2006

“Jubilee” in The Journal of Mythic Arts, Winter 2006.

“Robots and Falling Hearts” (with Greg van Eekhout) in Realms of Fantasy, October 2005.

“Bottom Feeding” in Asimov’s, August 2005.

“Lachrymose and the Golden Egg” in The Journal of Pulse-Pounding Narratives, March 2005.

“Eros and Thanatos” in Ultraverse, November 2004.

“Life in Stone” in Lenox Avenue, November 2004.

“Living with the Harpy” in Strange Horizons, October 2003.

“Robin of Wonderland Wood” in Ideomancer, July 2003.

“Captain Fantasy and the Secret Masters” in Realms of Fantasy, April 2003.

“Melancholy Shore” in Songs for Dead Singers, August 2002.

“The Ever After Book Shoppe” (with Heather Shaw) in Slow Trains, June 2002.

“Bone Sigh” in Twilight Showcase, March 2002.

“Little Gods” in Strange Horizons, February 2002.

“The Fallen and the Muse of the Street” in Strange Horizons, December 2000.

“Pearls, Frogs, Spiders” in, September 2000.

“Cassie” in Jackhammer, March 2000.

“Puppets of the Nano Master” in Maelstrom Speculative Fiction, Spring 2000.


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