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A Moon-Colored Bridge

One of the central images in my new novel Briarpatch is a bridge silver as the moon, glimpsed at various times by various characters. So imagine my delight when I took the dustjacket off the limited edition hardcover and saw this:

Briarpatch hardcover

A silver bridge embossed on the boards!

The endpapers, designed by Samantha Beiko, are gorgeous too:


The limited edition was only offered for pre-orders, so unless you already ordered one, you’re probably out of luck. Behold what you’re missing! This is the first novel I’ve ever had in hardcover, and it’s so pretty. I’m a happy writer.

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  1. Yay prettiness!

  2. M.W. Griffith M.W. Griffith

    Tim Pratt,

    I’ve never favored dust jackets, and have always enjoyed the artwork underneath them. That bridge is indeed stunning. I was thinking about you while reading the copy of Blood Engines you sent me, and can see you have been doing well. You always gave the best advice on writing, and I have since lost contact with you.

    I’m glad that Marla Mason has developed such a following. Maybe there will be a movie based on her adventures in the near future?

    Feel free to send me an email sometime. I’m no longer using the cycleofmenara email addy, and have actually lost yours.

    – Michael Griffith

  3. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    Hi Michael! Good to hear from you. As for a Marla movie, it’s possible — my producer just renewed her option for another year, and is actively working on developing a project. Here’s hoping!

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