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I’m Writing a Lot About Beaches Lately

My story “The Secret Beach” is up at Fantasy Magazine. There’s also an author spotlight interview with me. I was feeling especially deterministic that day when I answered their questions about destiny; don’t mind me. Most of the time I bop along happily, acting as if I have free will. (As if I have any choice, he said darkly.)

So! Over the weekend I revised the existing 30,000 words of Grim Tides, making it more like 35,000 words in the process. It’s much tighter now, and I’m even beginning to discern a theme; I hope you won’t hold that against me. I’m probably about 40% of the way through (the Marla books tend to run in the 85-95K range). I may not get a complete draft done by the end of October (when I have to stop for a while to focus on another project), but I bet I’ll come close. And, anyway, the first ten chapters or so are ready, so even if I fell into a terrible non-writing funk right now, I’d have enough for two and a half months of serializing. It’s a nice feeling.

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