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New Dos Santos Art

Artist (and current Hugo Award nominee) Daniel Dos Santos has given me the go-ahead to post the new artwork he did for the upcoming audiobook editions of Bone Shop and Broken Mirrors. (The audiobooks aren’t available for download yet, but rest assured, I will link them vastly once they are.)

Bone Shop:

Bone Shop cover

Broken Mirrors:

Broken Mirrors

That Bone Shop image in particular will haunt my nightmares. In a good way. My thanks to Steve Feldberg of Audible for commissioning this cover art, and to Dan for painting them!

ETA: Dan just wrote to let me know his assistant Lindsey Look helped paint these (they had a short deadline, so collaboration was the only way to get them done). Lindsey is an awesome artist too — check out her work!

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  1. I can totally see the cloak as a Black Creature Enchantment in Magic: the Gathering. These covers are gorgeous.

  2. Those are fantastic. I’d absolutely pick up either one of those based on the art if they were on the shelf at a store.

  3. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    Well, they’ll be on a page on the internet, anyway… Neither book, in print, shows up in any store, really. That’s the principle (and large) drawback of this self-publishing thing.

  4. Karen Karen

    Oh WOW, Tim, those are beautiful. The Bone Shop especially is Hamletriffic.

  5. Kendall Kendall

    Wow, the first one is super-creeptastically-good! And the second one is also awesome! 😀 Congrats! I can’t wait for the audiobooks to come out.

  6. Jose Rafael Martinez Pina Jose Rafael Martinez Pina

    Dos Santos art is awesome. It’s a pity my paperback editions of both books have… Well, have the covers they have. Sigh…

  7. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    Alas, Dan was a bit outside my price range for the print edition of those books — one of the drawbacks of publishing them myself!

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