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Bride of Death Cover Art

Behold the cover art for my next Marla Mason novel Bride of Death, by artist Lindsey Look. I love it so much.

11 Responses to “Bride of Death Cover Art”

  1. Glen Says:


    When’s that coming out?

  2. Tim Pratt Says:

    By the end of the year. Hoping for ebook in October, print in November or December, depending on the publisher’s schedule.

  3. Anthea Says:

    Perfect atmosphere, can’t wait for the book!
    (To me, she will always be the face of Marla: http://oi41.tinypic.com/dy22qr.jpg )

  4. Tim Pratt Says:

    Nice! Not so far from my mental image of her, either.

  5. Dani Says:

    Marla meets Rangergirl! Awesome as hell.

  6. Tim Pratt Says:

    I do love the southwest!

  7. Debs Says:

    That’s one fine looking cover. I’m intrigued by the head in the birdcage.


  8. Tim Pratt Says:

    She’s a fun character.

  9. Mike Nuttall Says:

    To think I didn’t like Marla in her first book, now I can’t wait for this book to come out.

  10. Tim Pratt Says:

    She grows on people. Like a horrible fungus.

  11. Marie Says:

    Marla rocks the entire world. Not sure I’ve ever read a stronger, more interesting female character. I’m not sure I’ve read a male character quiet as awesome šŸ™‚


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