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Pretty Pictures

I have art! First, the cover art for Lady of Misrule, painted by the incomparable Lindsey Look. Should be available for purchase in a couple of months (though Kickstarter backers will see an e-book sooner.)



Next, The Deep Woods, coming from PS Publishing early next year — artwork by the great Galen Dara.

the deep woods_tim pratt_FULL COVER sm (1)


Finally, the artwork for Liar’s Island, out from Paizo next summer. Painted by Michael Ivan.

Liar's Island Wrap lo-rez


I am a lucky writer.

3 Responses to “Pretty Pictures”

  1. Sraedi Says:

    Hallo! Do you have an solid release date for Lady of Misrule yet?

  2. Tim Pratt Says:

    It’ll be out this month as an e-book — probably available in a week or two most places online. I just sent the final text to the print publisher, which will take a bit longer. Will update when I have more solid info.

  3. Michal Ivan Says:

    Thank yo for sharing the cover! Best,

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