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Heirs of Grace: One Week Away

My next novel, contemporary fantasy Heirs of Grace, is available for pre-order. I think it’s my best novel ever. It’s a serial, to be released digitally in five weekly installments beginning next Tuesday, then published in a collected edition. The whole thing only costs $1.99. If you’re capable of reading Kindle e-books, consider pre-ordering, hmm? Look at the gorgeous Galen Dara cover and be moved:

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  1. Kendall Kendall

    Is the collected edition going to be Kindle as well, or will it be print, other electronic formats, and/or both?

  2. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    I understand it’ll be done in a print edition once the serial’s done. It’s published by Amazon’s imprint, so it won’t be available in e-book formats other than Kindle, alas.

  3. Carlammm Carlammm

    Already on order.. Can hardly wait.. I Love the Serial format..

  4. Kendall Kendall

    Rockin’; I can wait for print. (I don’t buy Kindle ebooks.)

  5. MadLogician MadLogician

    When will it be available in the UK?

  6. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    Alas, I don’t know — I just write the stuff. You’d have to ask Amazon.

  7. Anton Anton

    I talked to Amazon and they don’t know when it will be available in the UK. They have no listing for it. They don’t even have the ASIN number on their system yet.
    It looks like I have no option but to wait for it to be blown across the Atlantic to the UK.
    I guess I will have to spend my money on Kickstarting Lady of Misrule instead.

  8. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    Oh, that’s a shame. Most of my books haven’t officially been published in the UK. I wish I had more material available over there.

  9. Any thoughts on if and when you might publish a compilation of the Marla Mason short stories? Looks like you’ve got a fair number of them now… I’d rather buy a collection for some amount than each individual story at $0.99… Thanks! (Looking forward to reading Bride Of Death.)

  10. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    There actually aren’t that many Marla stories, even counting the sort-of-related ones that Marla’s not actually in, and they mostly aren’t all that long. Last time I added up the word count, it was well short of a full collection, though I’ve written a few more since then, so it’s probably there by now, or getting close. It’s something I’ll do at some point, though not in the near future (I’m pretty well buried in work for the next year).

  11. Ellgrund Ellgrund

    Looking forward to reading it as soon as possible.
    Too bad amazon doesn’t make it available to non-US customers …

  12. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    I’m told it will be available worldwide when the serial finishes, so just a couple more weeks!

  13. Dawn Dawn

    Will the Heirs of Grace story continue? Thoroughly enjoyed the world and characters you created. Already missing them and I just finished.

  14. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    Glad you liked it! I wrote it as a standalone, though you never know, I might return to the world someday.

  15. Erin Erin

    Please write a sequel!!!!!!!!!

  16. Gray Gray

    I really enjoyed this one and didn’t want it to end. I too would like a sequel.

  17. J J

    please write a sequel. really enjoyed the story and characters

  18. Chandra Hoodye Chandra Hoodye

    Absolutely enthralled in these characters. I want more!! Please revisit!! And now I am soon to start on some of your other books. Thank you for your talents! You have taken me to an awesome place!!

  19. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    Thank you! I’ve written a couple of stories about Bekah for my story-a-month Patreon if you’re interested. (A dollar a month gets access to all the stories in the archive.)

  20. BrandyDalton BrandyDalton

    I absolutely loved listening to the audio book in KU, and I thought it was one of the most original and fun I’ve heard in a while. I am devastated by the fact it’s not a series, either post or prior to inheritance. I would love to listen to either side of the adventure. Her father’s or hers. Just thought you would like to know you have fans who are wishing you will continue, but only if you find your muse.

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