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Lady of Misrule Kickstarter

I’m running a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for my next Marla Mason novel, Lady of Misrule. A $10 donation gets you the e-book, and when you give more, you get… more!

There are nine days left on the campaign as I write this, and it’s already funded, so the book’s definitely going to happen. I’m so close to hitting the stretch goal that will allow me to hire Lindsey Look to paint original cover art!

If you can give, or spread the word, I’d appreciate it greatly. It’s going to be a fun book, full of monsters and violence and banter.

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  1. Sraedi Sraedi

    Halloo.. For those of us who sadly missed this, any idea if there will be any future opportunities to buy this in paperback? If so, any clues at to where we should keep an eye out so that we don’t miss it a second time?

  2. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    Nobody’s gotten paperbacks yet, so you haven’t missed out! I’m waiting on final interior art (which I expect to get shortly); otherwise it’s ready to go to the printer. Printing and shipping and getting listed in online bookstores will take a bit of time, but they should be available in the near future. I will post far and wide when they’re available!

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