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Take That, Future Tim

Over the weekend I finished my first draft of City of the Fallen Sky, my Pathfinder Tales novel. I’m pleased with it. And I have 21 whole days to revise it before the August 1 deadline! It’s about 91,000 words total (though it’ll get a bit longer in revision). I wrote the last 40,000 of those words in the span of nine days. I am tired but happy. After August 1, my life gets a lot less deadline-y. No novels due until February 2012. That’s forever away! Definitely a problem for Future Tim.

My story “Down with the Lizards and the Bees” is now 99 cents on Kindle, with an awesome cover by Jenn Reese. (Psst: hire her to do your covers too. She rocks.) Should be at B&N for the Nook in a couple of days. This is the first story I wrote about actor/psychic Bradley Bowman, who went on to become a major character in the Marla Mason series. Plus: it has trains to the underworld, monitor lizards, and, yes, bees!

And I’m sufficiently fond of this story that I’ll link to it again: “We Go Back” is now in print and audio at Escape Pod.

7 Responses to “Take That, Future Tim”

  1. Keith Says:

    Tim, please oh please put “We Go Back” over at Amazon for 99 cents. I read off hours on my Kindle away from the computer. I would even happily pay $1.99 for the pleasure. I love he characters! I would also to hear / read more about the characters from “Silver Linings” – what a great concept!

  2. Tim Pratt Says:

    I’m sure I’ll put it up there sometime, but Escape Pod gets a period of exclusivity — that’s one of the things they paid me for!

    I like “Silver Linings” too, but the premise is so gonzo that if I spent more than 4,000 words in that world I think I’d have to start figuring out the answer to questions like how that kind of cloud formation actually happens, how climate would actually work in a place where there were fixed weather patterns over fixed locations… lots of other things I’m not smart enough to figure out. šŸ™‚

  3. Kendall Says:

    Yay, I found “Down with the Lizards and the Bees” on Fictionwise (cheaper, but more importantly, in a format I wanted). Great story–nice to read an earlier B story, and about an event we’d heard of.

  4. Keith Says:

    Oh Tim, its very simple. There are dwarfs mining the silver in some mountains and shoving it into the clouds for transport. Of course they want to keep all this on the down low. So they have taken a course of non-interference. But as problems with the shipping lanes start to escalate. Well then they might be forced to take more umm direct action. (Now – don’t ask me how the guidance system works…)

  5. Dani Daly Says:

    Yay! A B story! I’ve been missing that guy…

  6. Gary Says:

    Tim, seems like August is an opportune time to start the next Marla Mason novel! With Shark’s Teeth being the perfect starting point…

  7. Tim Pratt Says:

    Ha, *this* August? No. I’ve written five novels in the past 18 months. I need a break. (And I have another novel due next February anyway, so I’ve got to write most of another one this year, too.) I do have tentative plans to do another Marla novel next year, though, as a serial, and it will indeed be set in Hawai’i, mostly.

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