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Venom In Her Veins

This weekend I finished revisions on Venom In Her Veins, my Wizards of the Coast novel. Since it’s listed on Amazon, I guess I can reveal that it’s a Forgotten Realms novel! Whee! (My editor looked it over today and says it seems good. So I’m happy.)

The description of the plot at Amazon isn’t quite correct, as I drifted a bit from the initial proposal, but, yes: snake-people, addictive flowers, the Underdark. All good things. Also some truly insane monsters. (My original title was Daughter of Serpents, but that was too similar to the title of another book from the publisher. Oh, well, so it goes.)

Having read the novel this weekend for the first time in about a year, I can say: I really like it. I hope it sells a million copies so they ask me to write another book about the character(s). Go ahead and pre-order it to get that ball rolling.

I also plowed through about a third of my Pathfinder Tales novel City of the Fallen Sky, and hope to finish revisions on that in the next week or so.

And then I will have the strange experience of being able to spend weekends hanging out with my wife and kid again!

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  1. charles hitchcock charles hitchcock

    will there be a another book with zaltys in it

  2. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    I’d love to write another one, but Wizards of the Coast hasn’t asked me. Write them and tell them you want another. 🙂

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