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New Story: “We Go Back”

I was invited to write an original story for the 300th episode of Escape Pod (a huge honor). The result was novelette “We Go Back”, available now for you to enjoy in text form or audio. Or both!

(It features the main character from my novel The Nex, but is set some years later, and is meant to stand alone.)

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  1. Drew Drew

    A nice one, as always!

  2. Tim –

    Great story – absolutely loved it. Caused me to go and buy The Nex on Amazon. Is the Nook version on a standard ePub or does it have their DRM? I’d like to buy it for my ereader as well as my phone, and I don’t have a nook or kindle, but I can read DRM-free epubs.

    Also, any plans on future books/stories in this universe? I’d love to read more stories about Randy and Jenny Kay.

  3. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    Thanks Charles! I always say no to enabling DRM, so the one at should be standard epub.

    I’d like to write more about them. But since I had to self-publish the Nex (and it doesn’t sell all that well, compared to my other books), more profitable projects have to come first. That’s part of why I leapt at the chance to do an original story for Escape Pod, though. It was an excuse to write a science fiction story in that world again!

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