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A Much-Needed Void

New story online: “A Void Wrapped in a Smile” at Basement Stories. A novelette! Meant to be a standalone, though also sorta kinda a Marla Mason story (though she’s only in a scene or two) — it’s about Joshua Kindler, a character from my novel Poison Sleep. (Thanks to Arachne Jericho for asking me to write a story about Joshua. I’m not sure I managed to make him sympathetic, exactly, but I tried to make him comprehensible.)


Speaking of Marla, Grim Tides made the front page of Kickstarter today as the featured fiction project. Sweet!


We got a final copy of the trade paperback of Briarpatch at A Certain Magazine today. Holy crap, is it gorgeous. I’m so happy.


I thought I had another novel to announce imminently, but the publisher has asked me to keep the pseudonym a secret until after it comes out, so, uh, I’ll tell you in a year or so? This will be the fourth separate byline I’ve had on a novel (counting T.A. Pratt), and my fifth byline total, including the ‘nym I use for porn short stories. I don’t really mind; at least I’m working. And I have a few books coming out under my own name next year anyway. I remain a Man of Mystery.

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  1. Jay Jay

    What is your porn pseudonym?? Ive GOT to read those.

  2. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    It’s not public; no one knows but my wife and editors. I don’t want it linked with my name, because I’d rather not have my kid google me someday and encounter hardcore pornography, however nicely written. 🙂

  3. Kendall Kendall

    This is different from the pseudonym you mentioned a while back in your blog — the one you said you’d never be able to share — right? Or is it the same, and there’s one further back in your history (not counting the porn one)?

    Not that I’m a completist or anything 😉 but I’m wondering how much of your work I’ll never be aware of due to all the pseudonyms.

  4. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    Heh. It confuses even me. Here’s the rundown of my bylines:

    Tim Pratt: Rangergirl, Briarpatch, The Nex, poetry, my roleplaying game novels, all my non-Marla-Mason short fiction and collections

    T.A. Pratt: All the Marla Mason novels and stories

    [Secret porn pseudonym]: I’ve published three or four porn stories under a pseudonym (one story has been reprinted in several best-of anthologies!)

    [Secret horror pseudonym]: I’ve done a couple of work-for-hire horror books under an assumed name.

    [New secret pseudonym]: For a book I sold recently. I’ll be able to publicly claim this one later, though, in a year or so.

    More to come?

  5. Kendall Kendall

    Thanks for the run-down. 😉

  6. Dani Dani

    Holy cow. How the heck did you manage to become cooler? A Super Secret Porn Pseudonym. Wow.

  7. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    I haven’t actually used it in years. Poor neglected porn pseudonym.

  8. Jeremy Jeremy

    Awesome short story I enjoyed it, any chance of a story with Pelham and his travels? I got to say I like Pelham and I’m looking forward to seeing him again.

  9. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    Huh, I hadn’t thought about writing a standalone Pelham story, but that would be interesting. I’m looking forward to writing more about Pelly in Grim Tides.

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