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A Much-Needed Void

New story online: “A Void Wrapped in a Smile” at Basement Stories. A novelette! Meant to be a standalone, though also sorta kinda a Marla Mason story (though she’s only in a scene or two) — it’s about Joshua Kindler, a character from my novel Poison Sleep. (Thanks to Arachne Jericho for asking me to write a story about Joshua. I’m not sure I managed to make him sympathetic, exactly, but I tried to make him comprehensible.)


Speaking of Marla, Grim Tides made the front page of Kickstarter today as the featured fiction project. Sweet!


We got a final copy of the trade paperback of Briarpatch at A Certain Magazine today. Holy crap, is it gorgeous. I’m so happy.


I thought I had another novel to announce imminently, but the publisher has asked me to keep the pseudonym a secret until after it comes out, so, uh, I’ll tell you in a year or so? This will be the fourth separate byline I’ve had on a novel (counting T.A. Pratt), and my fifth byline total, including the ‘nym I use for porn short stories. I don’t really mind; at least I’m working. And I have a few books coming out under my own name next year anyway. I remain a Man of Mystery.

9 Responses to “A Much-Needed Void”

  1. Jay Says:

    What is your porn pseudonym?? Ive GOT to read those.

  2. Tim Pratt Says:

    It’s not public; no one knows but my wife and editors. I don’t want it linked with my name, because I’d rather not have my kid google me someday and encounter hardcore pornography, however nicely written. šŸ™‚

  3. Kendall Says:

    This is different from the pseudonym you mentioned a while back in your blog — the one you said you’d never be able to share — right? Or is it the same, and there’s one further back in your history (not counting the porn one)?

    Not that I’m a completist or anything šŸ˜‰ but I’m wondering how much of your work I’ll never be aware of due to all the pseudonyms.

  4. Tim Pratt Says:

    Heh. It confuses even me. Here’s the rundown of my bylines:

    Tim Pratt: Rangergirl, Briarpatch, The Nex, poetry, my roleplaying game novels, all my non-Marla-Mason short fiction and collections

    T.A. Pratt: All the Marla Mason novels and stories

    [Secret porn pseudonym]: I’ve published three or four porn stories under a pseudonym (one story has been reprinted in several best-of anthologies!)

    [Secret horror pseudonym]: I’ve done a couple of work-for-hire horror books under an assumed name.

    [New secret pseudonym]: For a book I sold recently. I’ll be able to publicly claim this one later, though, in a year or so.

    More to come?

  5. Kendall Says:

    Thanks for the run-down. šŸ˜‰

  6. Dani Says:

    Holy cow. How the heck did you manage to become cooler? A Super Secret Porn Pseudonym. Wow.

  7. Tim Pratt Says:

    I haven’t actually used it in years. Poor neglected porn pseudonym.

  8. Jeremy Says:

    Awesome short story I enjoyed it, any chance of a story with Pelham and his travels? I got to say I like Pelham and I’m looking forward to seeing him again.

  9. Tim Pratt Says:

    Huh, I hadn’t thought about writing a standalone Pelham story, but that would be interesting. I’m looking forward to writing more about Pelly in Grim Tides.

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