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Ill Met in Ulthar

After a month of Being Lazy, I’m gradually ramping back up to productivity. I wrote a story, and I’m researching a novel project, and I did copyedits for Venom In Her Veins. I’m about to dive in (ha, ha) to Grim Tides. (Speaking of, the Kickstarter fundraiser is running for a couple more weeks. There’s still time to sign up and get e-books, a chapbook, a sketch, signed copies, Tuckerizations… And if I break $10K, I’ll commission original cover art. Tell your friends! And your generous enemies. For those who’ve already donated, thank you! And I’m trying not to mention the fundraiser every day, so consider this me showing restraint.)


So that story I wrote: I did it mostly over the weekend, and it’s called “Ill Met in Ulthar”. About 7800 words. It’s a Marla Mason urban fantasy story that’s also a sword-and-sorcery story. It’s partly an homage to the great Peter Phillips story “Dreams Are Sacred” (which was simultaneously science fiction and sword-and-sorcery), and I name-dropped a character from that story to make the inspiration clear to Those Who Know. (I’m making it sound all esoteric and recursive, but it should be perfectly understandable even for people who haven’t read Leiber or Lovecraft or Phillips — I just put in some small markers to let my fellow hardcore fans know where my influences and inspirations came from.) Let’s hope the editor likes it!

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