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What Needs Doing

I have a to-do list. Maybe it’s of interest as a list of things writers have to do that don’t involve spinning fanciful tales of might-have-been and never-could-be (with optional monsters and explosions)? Or maybe I’m just posting it so I’ll stop forgetting things and putting them off. You may never know!

  • Write and record a brief piece about Welcome to Bordertown for a podcast (must happen tonight!)

  • Look over a proofreader’s comments and see if I want to make any more changes to Briarpatch (by Thursday morning!)

  • Finish this Conrad Williams novel so I can review it

  • Write a review of Eutopia by David Nickle

  • Create covers and format more short stories for sale as e-books

This is in addition to doing the edits for my Wizards of the Coast novel, which should be appearing in my inbox shortly. And of course writing the remaining 50,000 words of City of the Fallen Sky by the August 1 due date. Then I have two stories to write in August, and one story to write in September, and of course another novel due in February 2012, and there are a couple of other projects percolating that might actually happen…

Plus, you know. Full-time job at a magazine. Marriage. Fatherhood. Etc.

It’s good to keep busy. And, actually, the back half of this year is comparatively leisurely compared to, say, last year. I’m not feeling too terribly overwhelmed, yet. Though I do dream someday of taking vacation time for reasons other than finishing work on a novel…

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