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So Many Things To See And Buy!

Linky times y’all.

First, check out Tiger Bright Studios, Jenn Reese’s new design company specializing in e-book covers. Jenn’s work is made of ten kinds of awesome, and her prices are quite competitive.

Shadow Unit just concluded their 3rd season of awesomeness. Go give the writers some money so they can do season 4 without going broke. And if you haven’t read it, and you like serial killer / behavioral analysis / forensic profiling / supernatural / police procedural stuff, you’ve got some wonderful stories ahead of you.

Get Michael Canfield’s awesomely weird e-book collection 419 Memoirs & Other Strange Stories at Amazon.com in Kindle format or at B&N.com for the Nook. I wrote the introduction. Mike’s one of my favorite writers of weird fiction, and this is a book of his weirdest.

(Yes, I used a variant of “awesome” in all those paragraphs; this is not bad writing, but an indication that awesomeness is my THEME.)

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