Tim Pratt
SF and Fantasy Writer

Let the Torrent of Words Begin

Two bits of writing news:

First: I got the okay to announce that one of the new book projects I’m doing is a fantasy roleplaying game tie-in novel for the Pathfinder campaign setting. They don’t want me to say much about the plot or specific setting(s) yet, so suffice to say: it will be awesome, and I looooove my characters. Playing in somebody else’s sandbox occasionally is fun, and I’m delighted to be dipping my toe into secondary-world fantasy again, especially in such a rich and varied and pleasantly weird game world.

Second: Today is the day The Alphabet Quartet, the suite of 26 flash stories I wrote with Heather Shaw, Jenn Reese, and Greg van Eekhout began running in Daily Science Fiction. If you were a subscriber to DSF (which is free), you would have gotten our first piece, the extra-long “A is for Arthur,” delivered magically to your inbox. It’ll go up on the website for all to read in a week or so, but why delay your gratification? Sign up if you haven’t, and prepare for six months of mythic creatures, robots, superheroes, poignancy, surrealism, monsters, literary gamesmanship, jokes, sex, and willful strangeness at the rate of one story a week.

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