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Hugo nominations are open! I’m not gonna do one of those “Here’s my eligible stuff!” lists because, you know, I already got a Hugo, so I don’t really worry about it anymore. (Very liberating.) And the time I got one? I didn’t do a thing to promote my story or encourage people to nominate me or anything. (I cast no aspersions on those who do indulge in such efforts, but they never did me any good, so I excuse myself.)

But because getting a Hugo is awesome, I encourage you (if you’re eligible) to go nominate works you love, so other people can have that awesome feeling too. (But don’t nominate anyone born after 1975; I enjoy my weird distinction of being the only person born after 1975 to win a fiction Hugo. At least, as far as I know I still am. It’s a distinction that’s destined to fall, of course, and soon, I would imagine, looking at some of these amazing new writers coming along…)

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