Tim Pratt
SF and Fantasy Writer

Goats. Monkeys. The Usual.

We took River to a pumpkin patch over the weekend, which also had a petting zoo and a bounce house. Here’s a picture of River squealing delightedly over a goat. Good times.

I did a story for that Monkeypunk online charity project I mentioned, so you can go read “At the Monkey Party” free right now. (And play “spot the fictional simian!”) If you like it (heck, even if you hate it, or find yourself utterly indifferent), please donate to help provide clean water to people who need it.

Chapter 8 of The Nex is up, with much running, and chasing, and other adventuresome things.

I gave in to a whim and started writing a new book, a contemporary fantasy adventure for kids. I don’t have a ton of time to work on a novel, since I have some other projects with actual deadlines pressing in, and as a result, I’m going to try and get a draft of this done quickly. Managed around 6,000 words over the weekend, and since the whole book will only be 45-50,000 words long, it’s a solid start.

On Sunday, it poured rain endlessly in an enchanting patter patter patter down the windows. Fall has come to the Bay Area. I welcome it… though in three months I’ll be begging for the sun to return, I’m sure.

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