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Lake Monkey

How exotic and unfamiliar: I seem to have a moment to catch my breath.

I joked on twitter recently about doing an anthology called Monkeypunk collecting simian SF stories (of which there are many). Now there’s going to be an online monkeypunk anthology, running simian stories to support charity: water, which brings drinking water to developing countries. Send ’em your monkey stories! I’m gonna try to do something for them myself.

My story A Lake of Spaces is up at Cast Macabre for your listening pleasure. Warning: contains f-bombs and cowardice.

I finished revising the Snake novel. Now Heather’s reading it, and will tell me if I missed anything. If so, I’ll fix it. If not, I’ll send it off to the editor in a week or so. Because I finished that book, and because I’m waiting for feedback on an extensive outline from another editor, I’m temporarily between big projects, which is leaving me feeling weirdly adrift and with way too much free time. Why, I’ve gone to see movies this week! One movie, anyway. The Social Network. I don’t know or much care how closely it hews to reality, but I thought the writing was sharp, the characters interesting (if almost none entirely sympathetic), and the use of unreliable narration with the frame story was very clever. (The entire movie is composed of flashbacks, with people relating stories from two separate “present” moments at legal depositions, and since characters in the “presents” openly disagree with and contradict some of those flashbacks, I think it’s fair to say nothing onscreen in the “past” is meant to be particularly reliable.)

I also watched some horror vignettes and old Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes and forgettable action flicks via the wonder of streaming Netflix. But I’m getting itchy to work again, and may have to commit short fiction soon.

My kid is doing wonderfully. He’s taken to wearing his lion costume from last Halloween around the house, like it’s a smoking jacket or something. It’s too small for him — the “feet” reach halfway down his shins — but super cute nonetheless. He’s chosen to be a monkey this year (the first time he’s really had a say in the matter). In past years he’s been a caterpillar and a lion, so we’re continuing with our animal (perhaps even jungle?) theme.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that our cat Marzi (named after the protag of Rangergirl, not vice-versa) was missing, but she’s been found, holed up in the neighbor’s shed, so that’s one potential tragedy averted.

We went to press at work this week, so I didn’t get my usual Tuesday off — I’m home today instead. So it’s time to finish my coffee, shower, and load up the kid for an epic journey to Trader Joe’s, the playground, and the hospital to get his new glasses. The life of a globetrotting fantasist like myself is one of unending excitement.

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