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Grim Tides Cover Artist

I’m pleased to announce that artist Lindsey Look will be creating original cover art for Grim Tides!

Lindsey is no stranger to Marla. She works in the studio with my longtime artist Daniel Dos Santos, and actually collaborated with him on the new covers for Bone Shop and Broken Mirrors, created for the audio editions.

Lindsey’s a fan of the books, and she’s excited to be working on the project. I’m confident she’ll do great artwork. Thanks to all who donated for making this possible!

There are eight days left in the fundraiser if you want to give a little to get some goodies…

4 Responses to “Grim Tides Cover Artist”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    I’m not currently in funds will we be able to donate after the fundraiser ends? Also I looked at Lindsey Look’s art and I found it rather good, any idea as to when the cover will be available or will it only be released once the book is finished?

  2. Tim Pratt Says:

    I will absolutely continue to accept donations after the fundraiser, with a PayPal button at the very least. I seldom say no to money under such circumstances!

    Not sure when the cover will be ready. Definitely in time for the print edition (probably late next summer), and most likely well before.

  3. Jeanne Says:

    Just saw the new audiobooks on http://www.Audible.com; how exciting! And they’re getting great ratings. Congrats!

  4. Tim Pratt Says:

    I know! So exciting!

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