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After much pondering and flipping through a thesaurus and gnashing my teeth and googling around, I’ve decided to call the next Marla Mason novel Grim Tides. So there. Now I can think about actually writing the thing.

The plan is: launch a Kickstarter fundraiser in September. If it gets funded, I’ll actually be able to afford to write the book (instead of finding another work-for-hire job). I’ll write it with an aim toward serializing it online starting next spring. (Beginning April 2012, I suspect, though maybe earlier.) I’m excited! And the characters are starting to mutter at me more and more insistently every day.

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  1. yay! good choice! I think Grim Tides is so much better than all the other choices 🙂

  2. Kendall Kendall

    Groovy title choice. This fits nicely with the rest of the series; dark overtones, two words, not a normal phrase, and…it sounds cool. 😉

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