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Now Or Never Time

Time is running out to pre-order the limited edition of Briarpatch. There’s less than a week to get it, so if you were hesitating, it’s now or never time. There are only 150 copies to be had, you know? Go on, take a chance, maybe I’ll be eaten by a famous tiger or something some day, and in the ensuing tabloid publicity storm, my work will go up in value. Tell your disapproving spouse/parent/friends it’s an investment!

The Alphabet Quartet is done: Behold, “Z is for Zoom.” Or go read the entire series of 26 flash pieces here. It’s been a wonderful six months, sharing a new story every single week, but all things must end. On behalf of myself, Heather Shaw, Jenn Reese, and Greg van Eekhout, thank you for reading. And thanks to Daily Science Fiction for letting us hijack their fine publication 26 weeks in a row.

(Not that it’s entirely done. There will be audio versions of the stories continuing to pop up at various podcasts, and even alternate stories for some of the letters. Links shall be provided when those things happen.)

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