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In Which I Am Not Crushed

That thing people, especially writer types, do, where they say “I have good news but I can’t tell you!” Well, consider this that. Suffice to say my mood has been improved over its usual baseline in recent days. Details will be shared when I can, but, shock: it’s about a new book, and there’s some separate cool news involving existing books. But until contracts are signed, I keep quiet publicly when it comes to specifics.

My good mood hasn’t been that discernible, probably, because I’ve also been crushed by work. Now, I like work. I do. I get bored and restive and difficult to live with when I’m not working on some creative project. But as I mentioned earlier, I had a perfect storm whereby I received editorial letters (that is, a list of queries/concerns/demands for revisions from an editor) for two different novels from two different publishers within two days of each other. This was during the same week when I had to write a short story.

That week was last week.

As previously reported, I got the story written, and revised (still awaiting the editor’s verdict); the easier of the two novel edits was dealt with in a day or so, and has already met with the editor’s preliminary approval; and the more difficult set of edits took me pretty much every moment of my four-day weekend not spent parenting, holiday celebrating, or playing Portal 2. (A gift from my wife, and my reward after each long day of word-slog.) But that book, too, was finished, and sent back to the editor, though we may need another round to clear up any remaining ragged edges. Not sure yet. I also wrote the introduction for an ebook story collection by Michael Canfield, which I’ll point to when it’s available for sale. Anyway: I feel kind of epic, honestly, for getting all that stuff done. It was a pile of work so daunting that I literally, audibly whimpered when I first gazed upon it.

(Oh yeah: I also beat Portal 2, in single player mode. Good game. Haven’t tried co-op yet. Trying to convince my wife she’ll love it.)

I’m expecting edits on a third novel this week. I also have a short story deadline on May 15. I sort of know what the story’s about, but haven’t touched it yet. And my Pathfinder novel City of the Fallen Sky is due in 13 weeks. I maybe oughta think about starting that. I sure don’t have many chances to get bored.

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  1. J. Derris Ward J. Derris Ward

    You’ve certainly made me feel bad enough to get to work on my one story. Good work on the slog!

  2. Gary Gary

    Yeah, I completed Portal 2 single player last weekend as well. Definitely one of my all time favorite games. Busy playing co-op mode with a friend over xbox live. It’s awesome!

  3. admin admin

    I’m still trying to convince my wife she’d enjoy multiplayer with me. I will wear her down!

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