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Big Book Sale 2011

Just as I did two years ago, I’m throwing my shelves open to sell books. (Why? Well, I have taxes due in a week, and I just got word that a check I was expecting is going to be delayed for a couple of weeks, which will make ugly little minus signs appear in my checking account. Gotta fix that.) I’ve dug deep into my storage boxes for this one, so some of the quantities are extremely limited, and some of the works on offer are rare and unlikely to be seen for sale again.

The rules: most items are cover price (rounded up because pennies make me sad), and I’ll offer them signed or unsigned, inscribed or uninscribed, as you prefer. Add $4 shipping per book for mass market/pocket-sized paperbacks (and weird small stuff like magazines and chapbooks), $6 for trade paperbacks and hardcovers in the US. Non-US people: add an extra $5 for shipping.

Comment here or send an e-mail to timpratt at gmail dot com with a list of what you want to buy, whether you want it signed or personalized, etc. I’ll confirm whether or not everything you want is still available, and also confirm the total price. Then you can paypal me (timpratt at gmail dot com). Do e-mail or comment before sending money, since I’m selling things first-come-first-served.

Here’s what I’ve got (it’s a long list, but for some of them I have very limited copies):

  • Mass-market paperback of Blood Engines, $7 (9 6 copies available)
  • Mass-market paperback of Dead Reign, $7 (3 copies available) Sold out!
  • Mass-market paperback of Spell Games, $7 (1 copy available) Sold out!
  • Pocket-sized paperback of Bone Shop, $10 (1 copy available) Sold out!
  • Trade paperback of Broken Mirrors, $14 (1 copy available) Sold out!
  • Trade paperback of debut novel The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl, $12 (15 10 copies available)
  • Trade paperback of World Fantasy Award-nominated collection Hart & Boot & Other Stories, $15. (3 copies available) Sold out!
  • Trade paperback of collection Little Gods, $15. (This is the newer offset edition, which doesn’t include the poems that were in the original print-on-demand edition. 20 18 copies available.)
  • Hardcover of collection Little Gods, $30 (This is the original hardcover version, without text on the cover — the publisher wanted to showcase the admittedly awesome art — and including poems omitted from the later edition. 1 copy available.) Sold out!
  • Trade paperback of anthology Sympathy for the Devil, edited by me, with stories by better writers including Michael Chabon, Kelly Link, Stephen King, and Elizabeth Bear: $16 (12 8 copies available)
  • Trade paperback of poetry collection If There Were Wolves, $10 (1 copy available) sold out!
  • Chapbook of The Christmas Mummy, a holiday chapbook by Tim Pratt & Heather Shaw, $5 sold out!
  • Handmade ribbon-bound mini-chapbook 12 Haiku by Tim Pratt & Heather Shaw (this was a gift for guests at our wedding, never before offered for sale), $5 (7 2 copies available)

Now, some stuff that’s not by me, but that includes work by me:

  • A signed copy of the July 2006 issue of Asimov’s, including first publication of my Hugo-winning story “Impossible Dreams”, $5 (1 copy available) Sold out!
  • Trade paperback of The Best American Short Stories: 2005, edited by Michael Chabon, including my story “Hart & Boot”, $14 (2 copies available) Sold out!
  • Trade paperback of anthology Tel:Stories, edited by Jay Lake, including my story “Gulls”, $18 (1 copy available)
  • Trade paperback of anthology Best New Fantasy, edited by Sean Wallace, with my story “Gulls”, $13 (1 copy available)
  • Mass market paperback (UK edition) of anthology The Solaris Book of New Fantasy, edited by George Mann, including my Marla Mason story “Grander than the Sea”, $10 (1 copy available) Sold out!
  • Trade paperback of Twenty Epics, edited by David Moles & Susan Groppi, including my story “Cup and Table”, $20 (1 copy available) Sold out!
  • Trade paperback of Polyphony 5, edited by Deborah Layne & Jay Lake, including my story “The Crawlspace of the World”, $19.00 (1 copy available)
  • Trade paperback of Best of the Rest 3, edited by Brian Youmans, including my story “Annabelle’s Alphabet”, $14 (1 copy available)
  • Diet Soap #1, including my story “Observer Effects”, $5 (1 copy available)
  • Trade paperback of the 2005 Rhysling Anthology, including my Rhysling Award winner “Soul Searching”, $10 (1 copy available)

And for you cosmopolitan types:

  • Trade paperback of Sacrifices Divins, the French edition of Blood Engines, $20 (4 3 copies available)
  • Trade paperback of Hexengift, the German edition of Poison Sleep, $13 (4 copies available)

Buy early and tell your friends! The sale will run for a few days or until I run out of books, and I’ll ship things this weekend.

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  1. admin admin

    (I have to take the boy to a doctor’s appointment this morning, so if I don’t respond right away, fear not — I’ll be back soon.)

  2. Philip Adler Philip Adler

    I’ll happily take the copy of Bone Shop off your hands (it’s the only Marla book I don’t have a print copy of, we got the Kindle version) and one of the Haiku books (I’m a sucker for unique items). Certainly wouldn’t mind i Bone Shop is signed and you can personalize the haiku as much as you’d like :).

    Total on goods would be $15 + let me know what the shipping is (assuming the chapbook is smallish as is the book, but whatever covers your costs rounded up is fine)

  3. admin admin

    Sure! Yeah, 12 Haiku is tiny, so call it $4 for shipping. (Or make it $5 if you want it priority mail instead.) $19 to, and I’ll send it this week.

  4. Drew Drew

    I’d like to have the Marla Mason #1 Blood Engines in paperback.Thing is, i live in Europe (Cyprus) so i would appreciate it if you let me know what the shipping costs and how much the final price is.

  5. admin admin

    Hi Drew! I’m charging $9 for shipping a mass-market overseas, so the total would be $16. Paypal to and I’ll put it in the mail this week. Want it signed/personalized?

  6. Drew Drew

    sure,if you could sign it or personalize it to me would be great.i will send the money first thing tomorrow.Thanks!

  7. enui enui

    is it too late to ask for a copy of Rangergirl to Italy?

  8. admin admin

    Oh, technically, but I still have copies, so I’ll send it! Paypal $23 to Let me know if you want it signed and personalized. Thanks!

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