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A Brief Feeling of Accomplishment, Followed by a Howling Void

I finished that pseudonymous work-for-hire book on Saturday. I’m pretty pleased with it, though it’s going to need some cleanup and revision in the next week and a half, before I turn it in. It’s pretty sound structurally, though, so I think a few scenes added and tweaked here and there, and a vigorous line edit, should bring it up to code.

I’ve written 95,000 words of fiction since January 1. (And boy are my arms tired.) A whole book, and a novelette.

Next month, I have to write two or three commissioned stories, and will probably start work on my Pathfinder book, City of the Fallen Sky, which is due in August. Whee for gainful employment!


My story “Shark’s Teeth” is online at Daily Science Fiction (actually, it went up last Friday). It’s the latest Marla Mason story, both chronologically and in terms of composition, but it’s meant to stand alone even if you’ve never read a word about the character.

It could be an endpoint for the series, actually, though I’d like to write book 6 too. That might happen in 2012. I’ve been thinking about it, and have many ideas, but I also have A Thousand Deadlines between myself and the time required to serialize another novel. (And there’s another non-Marla novel I want to write first…)


The Nex e-book is still selling steadily since I dropped the price to 99 cents (you can buy at Amazon, or at Barnes & Noble). 77 copies at Amazon in just a few days. Pretty neat. I’m glad people are finally reading it.

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  1. Drew Drew

    I loved The Nex. Bought it from Amazon and it is super-cool. I just wish you would write the next Marla Mason sooner. But whatever works best for you, i think 🙂

  2. Gary Gary

    I’m glad it’s doing better. It’s an engaging, entertaining novel and definitely worth reading.

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