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Christmas Stories

Are you unable to cope with the fact that Xmas is over? I can help you prolong that holiday feeling. Or something.

My story “Rangifer Volans: A Very Cryptozoological Christmas” is up at the Drabblecast. (Along with a Lovecraftian version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and an excellent flash piece by Mur Lafferty, “Zuzu’s Bell” — she worked wonders with exactly 100 words.)

If you missed it last week, you should know Podcastle did an amazingly good audio version of “The Christmas Mummy” by me and Heather Shaw, read by Rish Outfield.

Though of course, my own favorite SFnal Xmas story is still and always Greg van Eekhout’s “In the Late December”. (Also available in audio form.)

Listen, and/or read, and recapture some glimmer of that holiday feeling before 2010 leaves us forever and always.

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