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The Deep Woods

I managed to sneak in some writing time here and there yesterday, in among Toddler Story Hour and putting puzzles together and taking walks and doing other kid-centric activities. I finished my draft of The Deep Woods, my middle grade contemporary fantasy. It’s 44,000 words, and I wrote it in 18 days. (And I would have been done in an even two weeks if I hadn’t taken some days off from writing, mostly due to Halloween festivities and my kid’s birthday.)

Of course, it needs some revising — I already snipped out a minor subplot that seemed neat but ultimately went nowhere, and some of the scenes are little more than streams of unattributed dialogue — but I think it’s structurally sound. I hope to have it revised and in good shape by Thanksgiving.

I’m so glad I found time to squeeze in a fun exciting personal project in between contract jobs and tie-in work.

But, as always, now that I’ve finished writing a novel, I find myself wondering… what do I do with my evenings and weekends now? (Actually, the answer is simple: generate some paying work. Maybe some short stories…)

5 Responses to “The Deep Woods”

  1. rmw Says:

    sigh – I’m totally depressed. I just finished Broken Mirrors after reading The Nex on my kindle – and now I’m out of TA Pratt books again.

    When’s the next one coming????

    Sigh, now I’ll have to go back to reading talentless hacks until you publish again šŸ™‚

  2. admin Says:

    I may serialize another Marla book next spring. And I have a fantasy novel called Briarpatch coming out next year as well (though it’s not Marla-related).

  3. Rmw Says:

    Briarpatch will be self published or ?

    We all love Marla alright, but your other works are just as great. I’m just depressed that I’ve exhausted the well.

  4. Rmw Says:

    Ooh hart and boots is finally on the kindle now. Nom Nom nom

  5. admin Says:

    No, Briarpatch is coming from a small horror/dark fantasy press, Chizine Publications. It’ll be available in a beautiful limited edition hardcover and a more affordable trade paperback. I think it’s out next fall.

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