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The Deep Woods

I managed to sneak in some writing time here and there yesterday, in among Toddler Story Hour and putting puzzles together and taking walks and doing other kid-centric activities. I finished my draft of The Deep Woods, my middle grade contemporary fantasy. It’s 44,000 words, and I wrote it in 18 days. (And I would have been done in an even two weeks if I hadn’t taken some days off from writing, mostly due to Halloween festivities and my kid’s birthday.)

Of course, it needs some revising — I already snipped out a minor subplot that seemed neat but ultimately went nowhere, and some of the scenes are little more than streams of unattributed dialogue — but I think it’s structurally sound. I hope to have it revised and in good shape by Thanksgiving.

I’m so glad I found time to squeeze in a fun exciting personal project in between contract jobs and tie-in work.

But, as always, now that I’ve finished writing a novel, I find myself wondering… what do I do with my evenings and weekends now? (Actually, the answer is simple: generate some paying work. Maybe some short stories…)

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  1. rmw rmw

    sigh – I’m totally depressed. I just finished Broken Mirrors after reading The Nex on my kindle – and now I’m out of TA Pratt books again.

    When’s the next one coming????

    Sigh, now I’ll have to go back to reading talentless hacks until you publish again 🙂

  2. admin admin

    I may serialize another Marla book next spring. And I have a fantasy novel called Briarpatch coming out next year as well (though it’s not Marla-related).

  3. Rmw Rmw

    Briarpatch will be self published or ?

    We all love Marla alright, but your other works are just as great. I’m just depressed that I’ve exhausted the well.

  4. Rmw Rmw

    Ooh hart and boots is finally on the kindle now. Nom Nom nom

  5. admin admin

    No, Briarpatch is coming from a small horror/dark fantasy press, Chizine Publications. It’ll be available in a beautiful limited edition hardcover and a more affordable trade paperback. I think it’s out next fall.

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