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Week of a Thousand Yawns

My wife’s been gone on a trip since Tuesday night, and though I’ve had heroic babysitting help from my mother-in-law the past couple of days, it’s still been an exhausting week. Partly because I’ve been staying up late puttering around my empty house until well after midnight, even though the boy has been getting up at 6 or 6:30. As a result I’ve been tired, distracted, cranky, and generally out of sorts. (Which led to me being cranky in the comments threads of blogs, something I rarely do when in my right mind.)

So last night I forced myself to go to bed around 10, and though I was awake in bed for a while, that was okay, because my mind turned toward the Marla Mason story I need to write (for the chapbook donor prize from the Broken Mirrors serial). I knew vaguely what it was about, but didn’t have any, you know, scenes, or characters, and now I have both. All that remains is the actual writing.

Which I won’t do for a while yet, as the boy and I are off to the Eat Real festival later today. Should be fun! And filling.

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