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Last Day

I hope all of you are out enjoying a wonderful weekend day, but if you happen to be looking at your computer instead, let me note: this is the last day to donate to my online serial Broken Mirrors if you want to get fundraiser prizes. You have until midnight Pacific time — so about 13 hours from now — to get goodies, or to have your name listed in the acknowledgments of the book.

In two weeks I start posting my SF adventure novel The Nex, which will run for 18 weeks. And if you head over there now, you can read my novelette “Dream Engine”, which is set earlier in the same world, and shares some characters with the novel (though the main character, and narrator, of The Nex doesn’t appear).

My amazing, wonderful, beautiful, goddess-like wife took the kid out with her this morning and let me sleep in as late as I wanted. I have apparently lost the ability to sleep past 10 am. Or even 9:45, really. Still: incredible decadence. Hope you’re all having a similarly fine time.

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  1. Patrick Patrick

    Can’t wait for Broken Mirrors to show up for Kindle purchase! I donated when you were still on chapter 1 or 2 and have been holding off until I could get it for my Kindle. I’m looking forward to it.

    BTW: I ‘think’ this might be a page you’ve got some ability to change since some of the content seems to be from you. Amazon’s page for you ( doesn’t show Bone Shop.

  2. admin admin

    Should be up in the Kindle store in a day or two — uploaded it last night, and it takes them a couple of days to process.

    I’ll poke at that other page and see what I can do…

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