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Rangergirl In Your Ear

A while back my agent Ginger suggested trying to create an audiobook of my debut The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl. She wanted to try out this new program, ACX (audiobook creation exchange), where people who have books can connect with narrators and producers, with the resulting book offered for sale on Amazon,, and iTunes. (The rightsholder can pay the narrator, or offer a split of any royalties from sales — as the latter requires no financial risk for me, I found it most appealing!) My agent did most of the heavy lifting in terms of setting up our account, and last week I tweeted about the situation and pointed people toward the audition script. We had three great auditions within a few hours, and since they were all from people I like and admire, I made my agent pick.

Rangergirl is going to be an audiobook — narrated by author and performer extraordinaire Mary Robinette Kowal. If all goes well, I expect the audiobook will be available for sale next spring. I’m crazy excited. Mary’s a great reader, and I think she’s a good fit for the material too. Yay!

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  1. Kendall Kendall

    Interesting concept (the exchange thing). And congrats! I went to her reading at Worldcon a couple of years ago or so, and MRK has a lovely voice.

    Plus…yay for us, another audiobook of yours! 😉

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