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A Human Is a Weaponized Ape

My vacation starts today! No day job work until Friday, July 8. (I know, going in to work for one day before a weekend is weird, but that’s the magazine life for you — some deadlines could only be put off for so long.)

Now, I don’t know what you people do on your vacations, probably kite surfing and boar hunting and snow diving and such, but here’s what I’m going to do:

    Check the page proofs for Briarpatch — like, today.

    Write two book reviews — also, like, today.

    Do final edits for my Wizards of the Coast novel.

    Write as many words as humanly possible on my book City of the Fallen Sky, which needs another 40,000 words or so written in the next three weeks.

Yeah, so on vacation: I work. But writing and editing is noticeably easier when you don’t spend 9 hours at a day job before said writing and editing, so it should be an improvement on most of my days. I’ll also try to pop in here frequently to let y’all know how things are going.

It won’t be all bad, though. I can’t work all the time. Some other things I’ll do, if all goes according to plan:

    Finish reading The Heroes

    Read Dance with Dragons

    Play hide-and-seek with my kid

    Hang out with my wife

    Cook delicious meat over a charcoal fire

    Drink margaritas

    Go swimming

    Sit in my yard reading and drinking beer

So there might be some vacation in there after all. But, mostly, writing.

2 Responses to “A Human Is a Weaponized Ape”

  1. Dani Daly Says:

    “Read Dance With Dragons”

    Did you get one of the early copies?!?!

    I hope you enjoy your work-cation!

  2. Tim Pratt Says:

    I’m a book reviewer, so occasionally books show up on my doorstep a couple of weeks before they come out, courtesy of various wonderful publishers, long may they reign. DwD was one of them!

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