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My story “Hart and Boot” is up at Podcastle! (This is probably my best known story outside genre circles, because it appeared in a volume of The Best American Short Stories some years back. It was basically a hangover from writing my novel The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl — I’d done all this research about the old west, but there were bits of the research that didn’t fit in that novel, which were, nevertheless, too good not to use. So I used some of them here.)

There’ve been a couple of entries in The Alphabet Quartet since last I wrote: “E is for Excrement” and “F is for Forever”, and “G is for Graven”. That link up there will take you to the main compilation page at Daily Science Fiction where the stories are being added weekly. You can play the Guess Which Writer Wrote Which One! game at home. But Greg and Heather and Jenn and I will never tell. (Unless we do.)

Maureen Johnson has a great manifesto here on social networking and the folly of “branding.” Excellent stuff, which I couldn’t agree with more.

One of my favorite places online in recent months is Theodora Goss’s blog. She’s been updating daily (or very nearly so), with poetry analysis, bits of fiction, personal musings, thoughts on science fiction conventions and auctorial constructs — all sorts of juicy things. Never fails to make me think.

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