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Wise Men

I had the great good fortune to read an advance copy of Patrick Rothfuss’s novel The Wise Man’s Fear, second in the long story begun with The Name of the Wind. (We got a couple of review copies at the office, and I read one very quickly before it needed to be sent off to a reviewer).

I loved Name of the Wind and I’ve been excited about the second book for ages, especially since sitting in on Pat’s interview with A Certain Magazine at WisCon earlier this year. It’s as good as I’d hoped. I won’t spill any spoilers, but I’ll say it deepens and enriches the story of Kvothe, also adding some darker layers, and answers a few questions while creating even more mysteries. It’s one of those wonderfully immersive reads, providing a world that feels big and fully-realized. A book you can fall into.

If you haven’t read Name of the Wind, give it a try; if you like it, you’ll want to get the follow-up when it goes on sale in March 2011. And if you have read Name, you’ve probably been waiting impatiently for this book anyway, and to you I say: yeah, worth the wait.

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  1. Fran Eisemann Fran Eisemann

    Dear Mr. Pratt,
    I’ve read some of your stories. “Little Gods” was beautiful. “Another End of the Empire” was a lot of fun. “Troublesolving” was really intriguing. I’d like to invite you to submit “Troublesolving”, or another story like it, to Rebel Tales, our new ezine, open for our first round of submissions. And I will be recommending you to the fantasy department.
    If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Thank you. Looking forward to your response.

    Fran Eisemann
    provisional science fiction editor,
    Holly Lisle’s Rebel Tales

    About Rebel Tales:
    Our publisher, also an author, knows authors need to put out new work while keeping backlist in print, so loyal readers can always find the stories they love; they need publishers whose editors are dedicated to their work, which includes helping authors build long-term careers; publishers who pay every month out of gross for every sale of every title, for as long as it sells; who are looking for great stories from the past and present; and who offer ways for authors to connect with their readers. This is Holly Lisle’s Rebel Tales. We’re looking for strong, appealing characters, compelling, original stories, and good writing, in science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and mystery, in lengths from 2,000 to 90,0000 words.

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