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34 on 12/12

This Sunday is my birthday. (12/12 — easy to remember.) I’ll be 34 years old.


My original goal as a writer, long ago in college, was to sell a novel by age 35. Well, I managed that. My other goal was to be a full-time writer by 40. Doesn’t seem especially likely, given prevailing economic conditions, but who can say? Six years is a long time. Six years ago I hadn’t sold any novels at all. Check back with me in late 2016, assuming I’m not living in one of President-for-Life Palin’s Reeducation Camps for Coastal Elites.

We have a babysitter lined up for Friday night, so my wife and I can go out. We’re too broke for true extravagance, but we’ll get some dinner and maybe see a movie. Perhaps Black Swan, which combines my wife’s love of dance with my love for Aronofsky movies.

33 was a rough year — though easier than 32. And looking back, I remember the good parts far more clearly than the bad. What more can I ask? (I’ve now lived longer than that nice Jewish boy Yeshua Ben Miriam did. Though obviously I’ve accomplished considerably less…)

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  1. Happy birthday sir! And congrats on meeting some of your goals. 12/12 is my birthday too though I will be 33. Hope you have a great day!

  2. admin admin

    Happy birthday to you, too, young whippersnapper.

  3. Lakitha Tolbert Lakitha Tolbert

    Happy Birthday!
    Mine is on the 10th and hey, older than you but this Lady won’t say.
    Also, wanted to say I love your writing. Rangergirl is my favorite book and I wonder if you’ll create a sequel to it one day.

  4. admin admin

    Thanks, and happy birthday!

    Don’t know about a sequel to Rangergirl. I left Marzi in a nice place, and would hate to ruin her life again. 🙂

  5. Jose Rafael Martinez Pina Jose Rafael Martinez Pina

    Happy birthday, Tim. You are not so old: I am thirty-seven, and quite a young guy, so I know what I talk about. 🙂

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