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New Kickstarter for Do Better: The Marla Mason Stories

I just launched a kickstarter for a collection of my Marla Mason stories, Do Better, gathering the best and brightest stories about my cantankerous sorcerer and her colorful companions and mortal enemies and so on.


The collection will have at least one new story, and I’m very excited to dip back into Marla’s world. I’m done writing novels about her, and there may not be any new stories about her after this, so I’m enjoying a last trip into her point-of-view. I hope you’ll come along with me, and support the project or spread the word or both.

One Response to “New Kickstarter for Do Better: The Marla Mason Stories”

  1. Scott Says:

    I always seem to find out about the Kickstarter campaigns after they end. Guess I’ll wait for it to show up on Amazon, like I did Closing Doors.

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