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No Villainous

Yesterday was decent for writing — did a chunk on my lunch break at work, and another brief session at home while the kid was taking a bath. After that I collapsed on the couch and watched TV with my wife and went to bed early. (The boy got me up around 6 a.m. yesterday, so I was exhausted all day. This morning he slept until nearly 7:30, so perhaps he’s finally adjusting to the time change.) I’m not where I should be by NaNo standards, but I’m only about 1,500 words shy, so I can probably make up for it this weekend.

I’m struggling a bit with the book just now — I feel like the characters are getting bogged down in what was meant to be a fairly minor plot point, but is proving to be difficult to close or pause plausibly. I may need to retool a little and add some other scenes to shift the emphasis. I think I can slow down the action a little, get my characters out of the house where much of the book takes place, and introduce some other suspense/complications/mysteries.

I’m also questioning a decision made early on. I really enjoy writing chapters from villainous points-of-view, but for this book I decided on a fairly close third-person viewpoint on my protagonist, partly because there’s a mystery element regarding who, exactly, my nasty villain is. But I worry the single point-of-view is too narrow now. I go back and forth about how to deal with it (or if it’s even something I actually need to deal with).

Ah, well. This is why we do revisions.

Word count (for what it’s worth): For the day: 1,138. Total: 10,472.

Notable Line(s):  “There’s no medicine like a sword, no better cure than a blade.”

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