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Imaginary Lava

Monday was the last day of my beautiful five-day weekend. I wrote in the morning, getting down six or eight pages and bringing in some gunfire and mayhem. I took a walk downtown and thought about what I need to write next — mysterious letters, incontrovertible evidence of magic — and did a little shopping for the kid’s 5th birthday. (He had a party on Sunday, but the actual birthday and present-opening is on Thursday.) Then I went to Jupiter and had beer with my friends Chris and Maggie (well, technically they had pomegranate cider) and talked about modern horror fiction and writing in general and What’s Wrong With Science Fiction (nothing more beer can’t solve). They went with me to pick up the kid from school, and we chatted at my house for a while longer as my son bullied us into playing assorted games he’d just invented, many involving leftover party balloons and the threat of imaginary lava. A very pleasant end to my mini-vacation!

Today, I’m back at the day job. Ah, well. Happy election day. (I voted ages ago by mail, as I recognize my own inherent laziness when it comes to actually going places and doing things.)

Word count (for what it’s worth): For the day: 1,897. Total: 8,881.

Notable Line(s):  [All my favorite lines are spoilers.]

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