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Space Party

This will have to be quick, since we’ve got to leave for our kid’s birthday party soon. (He’ll be 5 next week! His party has a rock and roll space carnival theme. His choice. Tricky to execute, but we’ve done our best.)

Saturday was a good writing day, though I was able to work only in little dribs and drabs here and there. It added up to my most productive day yet this month, though, and I’m beginning to ratchet up the tension in the book. I like to set up lots of complications early on and let them ricochet around and/or quietly tick away like time bombs in the background. I’ve got mystery burglars and a love interest and creepy abandoned cabins all working for me now.

Apart from the writing, the main event yesterday was making sugar cookies for the kid’s party. We cut out various space-related shapes (rockets, moons, stars) and then the boy decorated them with icing, in the style of Jackson Pollack. Very fun. He’s a good little sou chef.

Word count (for what it’s worth): For the day: 2794. Total: 6984.

Notable Line(s):  She found Charlie in the breakfast nook clutching a mug of coffee like he would fly off into outer space if he let go.

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