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Secret No More

Today, I get to reveal a pseudonym!

I wrote a book called The Constantine Affliction, under the name T. Aaron Payton. Ta da!

I’ve been dying to talk about that book for ages, but had to wait until it was actually available for sale. Later today I’ll point you to a blog post over at The Night Bazaar, the Night Shade Books blog, where I talk a bit about the book and the pseudonym and such.

In other excitement, the Kickstarter for my collection Antiquities and Tangibles passed $5K yesterday, which means I get to commission some interior art! Still 20 days to go, too.



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  1. I’ve heard of this book! I had no idea it was you.

    Why the psuedonym, Tim?

  2. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    It’s something I go into at more length in the post I wrote for the other site, but: branding, basically. It’s not really remotely like any of my other books, so the publisher wanted it under another name.

  3. […] “T.A.” Pratt reveals that T. Aaron Payton is his newest pseudonym, under which he wrote The Constantine […]

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