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NaNo: Another late writing session last night netted me about 1450 words. It’s deadline week at my day job, and the last couple of days in the schedule are always rough, and tend to turn my brain to mush by the time I get home. It’s remarkable I got any writing done at all, and since this is deadline day itself, tonight I may accomplish nothing. (I would not be surprised to work an 11 or 12 hour day today, though I hope we finish before that.)

Last night I… sat around a bit, in a mush-brained state. Played some Skyrim, walking up 7,000 steps to the top of a mountain and killing an ice troll along the way. (There’s something satisfying about spraying torrents of flame from each hand into the face of some virtual indigenous wildlife.)

I have posted some e-books to the Amazon Kindle store ( will follow shortly). Some 99-cent stories for your reading pleasure:

“Little Better than a Beast,” a Marla Mason story, featuring time-traveling monsters and sexist jerks.

“Mommy Issues of the Dead,” another Marla story, this one set early in her career, when a semi-evil sorcerer hires her to plant a bomb inside a rival… who happens to be his brother. Soon Marla gets entangled in a truly dysfunctional family feud.

“The Christmas Mummy,” by Heather Shaw and I, a heartwarming holiday tale of mummies, ninjas, and other things.

“Rangifer Volans,” a very cryptozoological Christmas story, about the quest for that most elusive of all cryptids: the flying reindeer.

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  1. Dani Dani

    I know you’re super busy, but do you have an idea of when the stories will be up for the nook? (Nook > Kindle in this home 🙂 )

  2. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    I’m uploading ’em this weekend, and it usually takes a few days for ’em to be on sale, so next week I would expect!

  3. Jeremy Jeremy

    Tim, thanks for the Marla Short stories I always enjoy them but I am curious as to when little better than a beast takes place. It has to be after, what the second book, but before the third?

  4. Jeremy Jeremy

    Ah sorry I posted the question before I finished it and saw the note at the end.

  5. Todd Todd

    What year did you graduate from SWHS? I recently found your work and noticed you were also a ‘Saint’.

  6. Tim Pratt Tim Pratt

    Class of 1995. Long ago and far away.

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