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Dead Kennedys

NaNo: I wrote another 2500 words or so yesterday, a tiny bit while my son was eating his lunch, most in the evening. Not bad considering I also grocery shopped, played Legos with my son for hours, spent a long time at the library avoiding the rain, cooked soup, baked banana bread, worked out, cleaned up my kid’s sleep-puke (sudden inexplicable sickness! oh boy! at least he didn’t really wake up as we changed him and his sheets), and watched a little TV.

It was tough to resist the urge to read King’s 11/22/63 all day. It’s fun, and has one of the most hilarious and sensible answers to concerns about a certain time travel paradox that I’ve ever read. Good food, good books, good work — what more could one want? (Oh, yeah — a kid who doesn’t get sick and throw up. That’d be nice. Poor boy. At least he felt fine and was cheerful all day.)

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  1. Chuk Says:

    That is cool, I am looking forward to the new King.

    Sick sucks though.

  2. Tim Pratt Says:

    It’s good! Has some nice cross-connections to earlier King novels as well.

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