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Category: Editoring

Love Alone

Miscellaneous things:

The anthology I’m co-editing with Melissa Marr, Rags and Bones, is going to be amazing. We received another fantastic story for it this morning, and at this point we’re just waiting on a couple of final contributions. I’ve been blown away by the quality of work we’ve received. And in a bit over a year or so, you should all get to read it too!


Bizarro author Spike Marlowe is donating all August royalties for her book Placenta of Love to Planned Parenthood. It’s a fun book — I don’t consider myself a bizarro fan, but it made me laugh aloud, and is even kind of sweet, in its twisted way — so pick up a copy and amuse yourself and do some good.


The Kickstarter for Antiquities and Tangibles, my next collection, is zipping along marvelously. If I get another $160 or so, I’ll write another new story for the book. $10 gets you the e-book, $30 gets you a paperback, and if you’re feeling more generous, there are other rewards too.


There’s other excitement bubbling around. In a week or so I’ll be revealing myself as the True Author behind a book that’s coming out this month under a pseudonym. And there’s some audiobook awesomeness that will soon be yours too. These are wonderful times.