Novel Starts September 6

Starting on September 6, 2010 I’ll begin serializing my short science fantasy novel The Nex. It’s set in the world of my novelette “Dream Engine” — which I’ll post here next Monday, to give you a little taste, though the novel is quite different in tone — and will run for 18 weeks, with a new chapter going up every Monday until it’s done.

Like my previous online projects Bone Shop and Broken Mirrors, this is a reader-funded serial. I’ll be posting it for free, but donations are welcome (info over in the side bar). There will be some fundraising prizes for donors who give a certain amount, though not as many goodies as I offered for Broken Mirrors (hey, The Nex is a shorter book). When the serial is done, I’ll follow up with a print edition and e-book editions for sale.

Unlike my other serials, this one isn’t an urban fantasy, and doesn’t take place in an existing series (though it does share a setting with a story, as I mentioned). It’s a novel narrated by a precocious 13-year-old who finds herself a long way from home with some disreputable people in a dangerous world.

The book has shapeshifters, giant robots, aliens, kleptomaniacal monsters, heroism, shoplifting, terror, lecherous cyborgs, personable tyrants, steampunk submarines, subterranean tunnels, rustic French cuisine, a cult of teenage girls in fairy wings and leotards, teleportation, and people who get punched so hard they disappear. I hope you all like it.

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