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Chapter 8

“My Dad is dead.” I clenched my butterknife so hard it made my fingers hurt. “Oh? Really? Perhaps I’ve been misinformed. How did he die?” “A gas explosion destroyed his restaurant.” “Ahh.” The Regent sat back, crossing his hands over … Continue reading

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Chapter 7

“No way,” I said again. “I’m not going anywhere with you. You want to talk, we can do it right here.” I was pretty comfy on my rock. It was no worse than the other places I’d been hanging out … Continue reading

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Chapter 6

Two hours later we’d managed to find some wheels, but only individual unattached ones, scattered on the ground near smoking heaps of junk, which wasn’t quite what we’d had in mind. The nuclear fireball sun was still up, but it … Continue reading

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Chapter 5

Howlaa’s new form was kind of like the armored Humvee version of a Komodo dragon, big and covered in spiky plates, with a long flat snout full of fangs. It reared up on two legs and showed off four arms, … Continue reading

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