Little Gods. A Collection.

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a collection by tim pratt

Cover art by Daniel Conway. Design by Luis Rodrigues.


"In the field of fantastic literature, there's an exciting group of new young writers poised to take us into fascinating new directions. Tim Pratt is among the best of them. His stories have moved me, enchanted me, frightened me....and always leave me wanting more." --Terri Windling

"The little god of dazzling prose, the minor deity of poetic hallucination, the modest angel of magic realism, and the humble avatar of dark mystic vision are all smiling on this extraordinary collection from the talented Tim Pratt." --James Morrow

"I love the melding of commonplace and fantastical... witches (on bicycles) and faeries (with no wings) and angels and small gods and thieves who steal immortality... the writing is deft, not showy, but often lyrical... Nice range of tone as well, both horrific and funny, often beautiful, often sad. Well done. It's a really beautiful collection ." --Karen Joy Fowler


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Introduction by Michaela Roessner (excerpt)

Little Gods

The Fallen and the Muse of the Street

The Witch's Bicycle

Annabelle's Alphabet

The Scent of Copper Pennies

The God of the Crossroads (poem)

Fable from a Cage

Bleeding West


Bone Sigh

Daughter and Moon (poem)

Captain Fantasy and the Secret Masters

Entropy's Paintbrush

My Night with Aphrodite (poem)

Unfairy Tale

Down with the Lizards and the Bees

Orpheus Among the Cabbages (poem)

Pale Dog (original novelette)

The Heart, a Chambered Nautilus


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