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32 Degrees. Kristin Livdahl's journal.

Becca's LiveJournal. An old friend.

Boing Boing. Cory Doctorow's (and others') blog.

Charlie Girl's Journal. Charliegirl Anders!

Charlie's Diary. The journal of Charles Stross.

Chrononautic Log by David Moles.

Daphne Gottlieb's journal.

eccentric flower. Columbine's journal.

Electrolite. Patrick Nielsen Hayden's blog.

Fresh Dirt. Scott Nicholson's journal.

Kest's LiveJournal. Journal of my occasional co-worker at A Certain Magazine.

Lately. Graham Joyce's all-too-infrequently-updated journal.

Letters to Myself. Jon Hansen's Journal.

Lorem Ipsum. Being the online journal of Jed Hartman.

Making Light. Teresa Nielsen Hayden's blog.

Mary Anne's Ongoing, Erratic Diary. Mary Anne Mohanraj.

Meditations in an Emergency. Christopher Barzak's journal.

Michael Kelly's Journal.

Neil Gaiman's Journal.

Nihilistic Kid, or, Nick Mamatas's Journal.

Nobody Knows Anything. Diane Patterson.

Not-A-Webring Writer's Journals. NAW!

Notes from Coode St. Jonathan Strahan's blog.

Peshloni Tourist Office. John Sullivan's journal.

Ptarmigan. Alan DeNiro's... um... ptarmigan. Yes, ptarmigan.

Shaken and Stirred. Gwenda Bond's journal.

Squishy. Pamie's journal.

Story Words. Jay Lake's experiment in online microfiction.

Web Rats.

Word Blog, Barth Anderson.

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