Objects at Rest

April 29, 2000

Fair readers,

I feel I've been hurtling nonstop these past few days. I wrote the preceding entry (for the 26th) on that night, but didn't have time to post it until this morning. Now, on Saturday, I can finally sit back in a chair, type, sip coffee, and contemplate the pleasures of being languid while the sun shines.

Briefly, I've been doing lots of stuff with my brother, and working later in the evenings than I'd like, and everday life, that time-thief, keeps creeping. I'm very glad my brother visited (and my dad and sister, last night, to pick Wayne up and incidentally hang out and sleep over), but it is nice, now, to have no one to entertain and nothing to do. Mmm.

So many things I want to talk about!

But, for now, I'll content myself with a couple of minor mentions... I went to see American Psycho a couple nights ago. It wasn't bad, and most of the stuff I'd heard was censored appeared to be there, though I assume in truncated or cropped-in form. Christian Bale (who played the little kid in Empire of the Sun) was the best thing about it, in a very creepy role. Reese Witherspoon was underutilized. I dunno-- catch it on video, if you like that sort of film. Seeing Bale run naked down a hallway with a chainsaw wasn't intrinsically better on the big screen.

Ha! The Internet Movie Database informs me that Bale played Jesus in a TV movie last year. No chance of him getting typecast.

Well, I didn't intend to go on about it that long. We rented The Minus Man, which I'll watch this weekend. All I know about it is that it had very clever trailers-- the ones with people leaving the theater after seeing Minus Man and talking about the film.

I'm all a-rambling, it seems. I may hit you with another entry later tonight, if anything interesting happen.




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