Inaugural Gooseflesh

Thursday, April 20

Oh, happy day!

Thus I inaugurate my journal, with a name of its own, not as a novel-dare journal, though I'll certainly keep you up to date on the writerly endeaveors... I decided I wanted to keep writing to you even after the dare ends next week, so... I'm going to.

Why is it called Tropism? Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime...

Without further fanfare, more of the usual.

First, I'd like to sound the happy news of fellow Clarionite John Sullivan's return to the world of online journalling after a too-long absence... his words were much missed, and I'm glad he's back.

I taught that poetry class on Tuesday... it wasn't bad, but it had been a year since I taught anything, and I was a bit off my game. It could have been more interactive. Mostly I talked, they listened, and nodded off, and scowled at me.

But I had fun, which is all that matters. Heh heh heh.

I just finished Clive Barker's big novel Galilee. Yum yum yum. One of those books I wished would never end... even 640 pages didn't make me want to put it down.

Well, I've actually got other stuff I should be doing... future entries'll be more fun, I promise. My 16 year old brother is coming to visit me for a few days next week, and we'll doubtless have a notable time. I'll keep you posted.

You can't go back because, well, this is the first entry.

But feel free to go forward.

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